plywood picture art

wooden little treasures from lapland

Some of my pictures are available as plywood postcards or magnets in different sizes - the ideal souvenir, gift, present or just the ideal way to send someone greetings from Lapland. Or just keep them to yourself, because they will remind you of your fantastic trip up north.

All my wooden gems are produced in Finland, made with Finnish plywood. For now, I sell my wooden treasures mostly at markets in Lapland and in my little boutique at my home in Ylläsjärvi. However, I am happy to ship them anywhere on request.


Do you want to have some pictures as wooden canvas in different sizes as wall decorations for your home / office / gym / tree house or any other space? Please do not hesitate to send me a request via e-mail. You can find more of my pictures on Instagram.


Are you interested in selling my little wooden bijous in your own shop / boutique? Please get in touch with me.

Plywood postcards made from Finnish wood with pictures from Lapland


Postcards with different images from Lapland.


I have been living in Lapland for three years and in all this time I have been taking a lot of pictures. It is always difficult to decide which images to chose for postcards, because every image means a lot to me and tells its very own story from its magnificent spot. I am thus very happy to share my passion for photography with my postcards. I hope my images find their way into the wide world and make a lovely person happy with a unique piece of Lapland.


The wooden postcards can be sent as regular postcards. But they also look good as small wall decorations. Just saying.



1 piece EUR 7

3 pieces EUR 18


Magnets with different images from Lapland.


Same as my postcards, the images on my magnets tell their very own story from my home away from home. I hope they find their way as a souvenir, gift, little memory from Lapland to a lovely person who puts them on the fridge or elsewhere and reminds them on their journey.


A small but meaningful piece from Lapland.



small magnets 1 piece EUR 5

small magnets 3 pieces EUR 12

big magnets 1 piece EUR 6


Finnish plywood magnets pictures from lapland

I saw a beautiful image on your Instagram account...

...and would like to purchase it as a postcard / magnet / wall canvas. No problem at all, just get in touch with me. I am happy to check printing and shipping costs for you.